Empower Workforce Solutions

HR Services

As a complete HR services provider, Empower Workforce Solutions has helped Australian businesses to maximise their HR function for more than two decades.

We believe that a strategic HR consultancy embraces proven processes suitable to achieve our clients' objectives, ultimately positively influencing your productivity and profitability. That’s why we offer a wide range of practical, tailored solutions in strategic HR planning and HR support for both government and private sectors.

Complete Consulting Services: Management and Support

Our People Looking After Your People

The strategic management of your Human Resources and the ability to align it with your business goals is critical for success.

Empower Workforce Solutions delivers a broad range of HR services, including management and support across government sectors and small to medium businesses. We have the experience and capability to tailor solutions to our clients’ needs, whatever the scope.

Whether it’s assessing and managing all of your HR requirements, or simply supporting an existing internal resource that’s a bit stretched, we can help. Empower Workforce Solution’s adaptability means our solutions can be used however you choose to use them.

Job Design and Classification

Empower Workforce Solution’s experienced HR Advisers can assist in work force planning. Empower Workforce professionals can provide guidance in establishing new roles and the reclassification of existing positions, including:

  • Development of new and review of existing Job Descriptions including consultation processes
  • Review of organisational requirements
  • Composing revised Job Description
  • Completing a Work Value Assessment including Job Evaluation Questionnaire and Assessment
  • Comparative assessment and analysis
  • Completion of all relevant documentation

Selection and Recommendation

  • Application management
  • Assessment of applications
  • Facilitation of shortlisting meeting
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Attend & Scribe Interviews
  • Thorough Reference Checking
  • Write Selection Reports
  • Feedback to Applicants